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Nordic Herpeto-News Newsletter no. I

Newsletter for the Nordic Field Herpetological Forum 29 December 2000

                                                                   NFHF Newsletter!

There is from time to time of interest to circulate information to NFHF associates. The host of a coming Nordic Herpetological Symposium functions as the secretariat for NFHF. Updates concerning the symposium is necessary both prior and after these are held. A simple circular would be the most practical way of spreading the information. 
The primary objective of this newsletter is to distribute information on the symposium. However, it may also contain short notes on other information that might be of general interest.
 The layout and requirements of making this newsletter is kept as simple as possible to allow anyone who takes over the secretariat role are able to take over the editor role of this newsletter as well, without to much bother.

At the 7th Nordic Herpetological Symposium, which was held at Tømte during 14 to 18 August earlier this year, no candidates had showed their interest to organize the next symposium.
If anyone wishes, has the possibility, or knows someone who are potential organizers to the next symposium, please take contact with the Secretariat as soon as possible.

Toad Talk - The Amphibian Newsletter
In 1994 a number of cooperative projects have been carried out in Northeastern Poland. Initially it was between the Danish organization "Nature & Youth" and the Biology Scientific Club of Warszawa University (Bialystok branch). International workshops were organized biannual, starting in 1994. This has led to a larger project where the amphibian fauna in this region of Poland is being inventoried. Today this work is organized by Lars Briggs at Amphi Consult and Malgorzata Buszko at the Bialowieza National Park, with financial aid by the Danish Ministry of Environment.
This region of Poland is quite interesting from a conservation point of view since the, fauna today may be compared to the amphibian fauna of Denmark before the II World War. Species common in the region are Bombina bombina, Hyla arborea, Pelobates fuscus, Rana arvalis, Rana temporaria, Rana lessonea, Rana esculenta, Bufo bufo and Triturus vulgaris. Bufo calamita and Bufo viridis are also found regularly in the region. '
The Polish Amphibian Conservation Project publishes a bulletin named "Toad Walk". It describes current and past projects. Anyone who has the time and interest are encouraged to join one of their amphibian camps.
Subscription to Toad Talk may obtained by writing to Malgorzata Buszko, Bialowieski Park Narodowy, PL-17 230 Bialowieza. mbuszko@lynx.bpn.bialowieza.pl

Support the task force
A request has been received from IUCN's SSC Declining Amphibian Population Task Force for financial aid to carry out their objectives on amphibian conservation.
Any donation is welcomed and may be addressed to Ronald Heyer, Chair, DAPTF, NMB mail stop 180, Smithsonian Institute,' Washington, DC 20560, USA. Checks should be made payable to "Smithsonian/Conservation and Science of Amphibians".

This is the newsletter of the IUCN/SSC Declining Amphibian Task Force. By August year 2000 there has been issued 40 numbers. The international standard serial number of Froglog is ISSN 1026-0269.
The newsletter is edited by John W. Wilkinson in England. He may be reached by phone + 44 1908 652274, fax + 44 1908 654167 or Internet connected e-mail with the address "daptf@open.ac.uk". Froglog is also available on the World Wide Web at:

NFHF on the Internet

NØBI has constructed home pages for NFHF. These pages include (in addition to general information on the forum) projects, address list and meetings. The URL address is: http://home.c2i.net/nobi .
The list of the Nordic members of the forum is unfortunately incomplete. Prior to this falls symposium it was not possible for the organizer to obtain any list. Please check the list of members on the home pages. If your name/address is missing or wrong/incomplete, please send us the necessary corrections. If you know the name of any colleagues which name is missing or incomplete, please also notify us, preferably by electronic mail on nobi@c2i.net

Forvaltning av amfibier og deres livsmiljø
An 8-page brochure has been published by NØBI concerning the management of amphibians and their habitats. It has been distributed to all municipalities in South and Central Norway (nearly four hundred) and all the County Environmental Departments. The brochure is written for the Norwegian management authorities and is in Norwegian. The circulation was planned to include 1000 copies, but mistakenly 10000 samples were printed. The brochure is free and may be ordered from NØBI. Please indicate how many copies you need!.

New publications

Naturvårdsverket - in Sweden have during year 2000 published a series of three booklets concerning each of the species Bufo viridis, B.calamita and Bombina bombina. They all describe a three year project to enhance the situation of the species in Sweden. The booklets have not been reviewed by the editor, but seem extremely expensive compared with the number of pages they include. Details are as follows: 

• Grönfläckig padda, 48 pp., SEK 85,-
• Stinkpadda,             44 pp., SEK 85,- 
• Klockgroda,             46 pp., SEK 85,- Se dem på http://www.miljobokhandeln.com/

                                   We wish you a Happy New Year!

Nordic Herpeto-News is published irregularly by the organizer of the forthcoming Nordic Herpetological Symposium. The  newsletter contains news from the geographic areas of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and the Russian Karelia,
it is available to interested parties upon request. Quotations should contain full acknowledgment.
Copyright C on all drawings according to international conventions and agreements. Logo (Vipera berus) drawn by Agneta Andre´n
Circulation: 150. Editor: Leif Gjerde. Unless stated otherwise, the editor is the author.
Address for correspondence:
Nordre Øyeren Biological Station, Post Office Box 28, N- 1920 Sørumsand, Norway. Fax: + 47 92109000. E-mail: nobi@c2i.net

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